Thursday, September 2, 2010

Change is in you...

Some funny folks that I met recently wanted to know my future plans... as if I have some sort of a "dasa avurudu salasma" for my life.

I've got no plans or hopes about anything. Our lives are so uncertain and unpredictable....
Ive forgotten the past ..... with so much of hardship Ive learned to let go of the past. what ever happened has happened for some reason with no chances of us to undo or change them. Let it be....
I dont dream about the future.. living in the present and treasuring this moment, this second seems sensible to me than living with many hopes desires and mundane plans which would bring a tear at the end....
Many of us dont realize the simple fact that nothing's permanent in this ever changing world.
I do get disturbed often with all the efforts of living an non-attained life. When ever disappointment come my way I just take a deep breath in and think that " this too will pass"
Every night when I come back from the ward I take a quick glance to see my patients sleeping peacefully... which is something rare to be seen.
Yesterday, 2 teenage girls aged 14 and 15 were sent in by the police for they have been reported being abused by some 22 year old man who was the older ones husband. They were not legally married but living together cause the girl's under age and she was 4 weeks pregnant. Their mother who was a home guard was killed by the terrorists last year during the crisis period. Their father left them when they were small. Having no one to take care of them they have been living with a "loku amma" who has taken all their jewelery and have supported them living with an older man and at the same time reported to police about them. I was confused and rather distorted after hearing their story. I asked them all about their past and took a thorough history with each of them sitting either side of me. They seemed innocent and naive with not much of exposure to outer world.At the end I explained them the value of living and education. Every time I speak with them my heart aches with so much pain. Seeing how much these 2 little souls have to put up with in such a young age brought a tear to my eye.

Rumbling upon a pile of junk...
Treasuring the past long gone
Amidst the faded memories
Feeling my morning sun

Rays of hope and justice
Fleet of kisses and hugs
Among the failed invasions
The heart still beats intact



  1. The human misery will keep on unfolding every day in your profession. These things have no end. You cannot trace the cause. All what you can do is to have compassion for them and do what you can.

    "All are entangled in a tangle.." - Visuddhimagga

  2. You are so right. Well in Sri Lanka you can trace down to the problem... THE WAR. This evening I was watching local NZ news. They showed a paricular house. two yeas ago I have visited that house, a very high so called high class house. valued over $500,000. After the earth quake in Christchurch, that house got destroyed in the most unusual way. Liquifaction took place and water and silt got into the house. Where the lounge was now grass and moss grows. It is inhabitable. This is a very affluent area of Christchurch. What is at fault and who is at fault. No one... It is how the kamma plays its role.............


ඔබ මෙහි ආ බව දැනුනොත් සතුටක් ! It would be great to know that you were here !